About The Collection


we lived in the poorest section of town until 1980,(don't get me wrong, in all
the places I have lived, that neighborhood keeps my fondest memories!) and finally, when he did build that "dream home", he died. Then, his children got raked by their own mother, who lied to the courts and they believed her. So, none of his 3 sons, inherited anything! Sure, I was the lucky son of the 3, because I was the first, and had the pleasure of really getting to know my father, where my other two brothers came sort of late, and though they have fond memories, they didn't work under my father, and hear all the stories first hand, they now depend on me to fill them in.

Basically, these mouthpieces,(the majority) that I have, my "collection", would most likely be in a land fill somewhere's if I didn't pick them off the basement floor after the neighbor ransacked the boxes they were in(1990) and stole all the tooling and luckily had the brains enough that when mom let the guy get away with it, decided to just hold onto the mouthpieces. What did she care about them? She let the tooling that made them be stolen!?!?

So, i had these mouthpieces in the trunk of my 1970 roadrunner for about 3 years until I sold the car about 1993! In 2001? Or thereabouts, my mother got wind that I was selling the mouthpieces on ebay, so she fabricated a story, went to the police with her attorney and said I broke into her house while she was away and stole the mouthpieces out of her basement. I was interogated for several hours and what
didn't make sense to the police was she said I broke into her house within the past 3 months, and the police had sales records for about 2 years via ebay. (thanks for keeping those records ebay), so, they said they were in a rough situation, and felt it difficult for me to "prove" I had them and never broke into her house!(even though she has a full blown security system keypad/all points entry call
system etc etc.....!!!!!) And that I may have to turn all of them over to her!!Which I basically told them, "over my dead body!" So, I paused, and said, "hey! let me go home and get something" and they were like "whadaya got?".....!!!!!!!!

So I went home, (up the street) and ran into my house, (in the projects that I lived at as a kid), and got my deposition from 1999, in which my mother sued me for trademark infringment (Steve Cass Ultra Fast), and showed them page 85 or 87....and it stated in there, the same attorney who went to the police with her to make her claim, "Steve, do you have any mouthpieces of your fathers", and I answered "yes, I have them all". (or something like that), told them about how I kept them from when the tooling was stolen and I believe later questions were dropped due to the fact, they never thought I was going to admit I had them! So, the police looked at that, said "Steve, go home, they're your's, thanks for making this easy for us", I asked them "what about my mother? aren't you going to arrest her for filing a false claim?", and NO, they didn't(she was president of the Rotary Club! and her attorney the Rotary's previous president!) and I have that police report because it truely shows how my mother can fabricate a story, in fact, she's so good at it, she used "the basement" and prior history of the tooling being stolen(the theif had no use for the mouthpieces so just left them scattered all over the basement floor), and switched the story around a little to fit into her needs, but she didn't get away with that one. I was found guilty of infringement, they said I can't go by "Al Cass' long lost brother!" Which I never did anyway, i'm his son! And they said I can't use "Steve Cass" on a bottle due to the similarity and Steve Cass isn't my real name, it's Cassinelli, and they told me I couldn't use my slogan "from one generation to the next" because they said it was mis-leading!!!!"????????? What???????? that's the courts.

so basically, I wasn't born into a wealthy family nor am I heir to Al Cass, but....I did have one heck of a childhood, and consider all that I am, the person, because of what rubbed off from dad.

Oh when my mother left the garage here and moved to the current location, she left what mouthpieces she had there,(not many, but some) on the floor, scattered about, they dumped whatever letter's,(from everyone including Diz) they dumped old brochures, old bottles, all the old history of the company, trashed it all. They just don't see the value to anyone, it's all junk to them.(maybe because they're NOT musicians!?)

Well, the guy is the son of a neighbor who's father was neighbors of my father's for many years and they were good friends and when I found out that his son was the one who ransacked the basement at my father's parent's old house, (where I live now), I approached my mother and told her what happened. She said "well, your father never should have sold them to him".....and "we need to keep a low profile right now"......huh? here's the story, about 1987/8 my father was gravely ill,(was since 1980, diagnosed with 5% of his liver) we needed room in the small two car garage, we were selling a lot of oil and had no room to be able to stock more product, (which we were stocking about 250 gross(144/per gross) along with 50K emty's, boxes, tape, plugs/caps, plus 3 lathes/bridgeport miller all in a small 2 car garage!!!! (plus all the other stuff in there from the entire history, including all the pieces where they used to be stored in cubby holes made out of small boxes on the walls.

Well, we needed space and my father was contemplating selling the machines, but I told him no way.(I was the boss at this time even though I was 18, I was in charge since I was 14?, in fact, hired all my friends to work with me, and we were the work force since I was 12.(1980) So back to the tooling........, he made a deal with the neighbors son who was the family plumber, who had a barn a couple miles away, that he could take the machines to his shop and if my father needed them, he could just go to his shop,(but my father was not making pieces at this time), however he did keep the small southbend( I still have it) that he originally started out with. ( I was present when the deal was made), The guy was going to use the machines to make things for his plumbing business and it was on a handshake. My father said that when he bought a building that he would come and get them. Until then, he could use them. Well, he said, "stephen, take all the pieces/tooling off the machines, put them with the mouthpieces and bring them down in the basement of the house" So I did. But apparently I removed a tool that "went with the machine". So, the plumber came back asking for that specific tool, and I brought him down into the house where he saw all the tooling in about 10-15 cap boxes. (loads of drills/bits etc, and mouthpieces), We found the tool he was speaking of and we left.

Then about a year died, about 5 or 6 months after that, I met a new friend who said he was into machining, and my father never let me touch a lathe because I play piano, and told him about the machine shop I had. So, I took him downstairs to see all the tooling and when we got into that area of the basement, the boxes were all over the place, tipped over, mouthpieces ALL OVER the place. It looked like a tornado hit that spot of the basement. So, there were mouthpieces....but no tooling! The next day, I asked my aunt mary, who is still alive and is 98 now,(she also lives with me today and is the one who supported my father in all his projects and was promised by him to be rich, but she never sees a my mother or a dime of course), So, I asked her....."aunt mary,.....has anyone been down in the basement?, the place is a mess, and there's a lot of stuff missing!"......she said "no, I don't know"......then the next day, she called me in the front room where she sits most of the day, and said "you know.......a short time ago, I went downstairs(to get some canned goods) and heard a noise over in the corner(where the mouthpieces and tooling were) and I went over and there was "the neighbors son" looking through a bunch of boxes" and she showed me how he looked studying whatever he had in his hands, but she didn't know what was there. (he was allowed into the house because again, he was the family plumber and often stopped by to "check things" change the filters etc, so it was not unusual that he was there, but we believe he left the bulkhead door unlocked and came back later.

He was the only one who knew the boxes were there, what was in them, and took only the tooling, not the mouthpieces. So whomever took them had tooling in mind. I then went to the guy and asked him for the whole machine shop back and he said my father was very fond of him and "gave them" to him. I went to his father and a week later, the father came over with a small box of tooling, that I handed to my mother(and never saw again). A friend of mine, who I went to school with, lived next door to this person, where the barn was, and he was hanging out in his backyard and he overheard the neighbor, as he was having a party and his buddies were over and he was bragging to them how he wound up with an entire machine shop for nothin.