Dizzy Gillespie (with Dawson & Nye Tag) Heavily "Game Used" Personal Al Cass mouthpiece!!!!!!!!!!!! Purchased at Diz' estate sale here on ebay years ago, sold by Dawson & Nye Auctioneers of NJ. Guaranteed authentic. Verified in Al Cass' notes. #43! Diz used this piece from the 1970's till he passed away.

Custom 2-24A model.

Steve Cass Said:

As Diz once told my father, "I can perform with any horn, but not with any mouthpiece!" (one of diz' trumpets sold for $86,000.00 and was purchased by the Tonight Show and given to band leader Wynton Marsalis, and it did not have a mouthpiece!)

This piece is also arguably more important than the Al Cass mouthpiece that is with Diz' horn at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.  In that Diz gave them a piece he wasn't as fond of for their display. This one (#43), and one other Al Cass (#47), he kept with him as this and the other were "his favorites".

Steve Cass Said:

I have personally played this piece, for me, it's a "funny piece" to play. Notes ZING out of no where! Sudden high notes burst out and it's almost impossible to control! But it is fun to say the least, for me anyways, that's my experience.

these is many Dizzy's pieces during the years....


Ian Hamer ( trumpet/flugelhorn/composer/arranger) 11th September 1932 - 3rd September 2006

He worked with Carl Barriteau, Oscar Rabin, Vic Lewis, the Kirchin Band, Jack Parnell, Roy Kenton, Vic Ash, Eric Delaney, Gracie Cole, David Ede, Tubby Hayes Big Band, Harry South, Ted Heath, Kenny Wheeler, Joe Harriott, Woody
Herman's Anglo-American Herd, Thad Jones-Mel Lewis, Mike Gibbs, Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Golson, Gary McFarland, Lalo Schifrin, James Last, Barbara Thompson, Peter Herbolzheimer and the Beatles.

"I have never been a mouthpiece freak. When I played with you with Jack Parnell's band I played a Bach 6B, because I wanted to sound like Jimmy Deuchar. Then I did a tour with Dizzy in '58 and he gave me an Al Cass, and then sent me five more with different throats and back-bores.

In 1990 I changed to a Giardinelli 10M, given to me by Kenny Wheeler, so that is only three mouthpieces in 42 years."


From Trumpet Herald

Steve Cass Said:

Diz......well, pops made him more than 57 pieces, some he used more than others, some were stolen, a few he never got, and many times, when he made him a new one, he would take the older one back. But.....I was looking through some notes, and throat sizes varied from a 24 to a 25, &26. Cups also varied, but there are a couple showing 627.5. & 630.5. OD also varied and some were from 85 to 89.5, depths show 23.5 on one from 1961. Basic models were 2-24, 2-25, 2-26.

It says that Clark Terry used a Diz style, with a 27 throat.

Louis Armstrong, it says he used the Diz tool, but blended a #24 to a #28 throat. Depth of his cup is 36.5. I have one of Louis' Giardinelli's and the notes from that one,(the one Mr. Armstrong gave my father to have something to go by), Length, 3/8, OD 134-4,Face 3/16 very slight flat, cusion 3/32, depth 579 3/4ths.

Booker Little used a stock 1-28

Roy Eldrige's is a combination from the Diz tool, and Roy's tool, with a 29 throat. Also a 696 1/3 depth.

Harry James OD 1.113, ID .641, cup 613, face 11/64ths,bite 1/16, cushion 1/8th.

A story told by trumpeteer Jon Faddis in the 75th Birthday CD of Dizzy Gillespie, Faddis tells the story of a battle of the horns in which Roy Eldridge and Dizzy Gillespie and pianist Oscar Peterson when during intermission, Peterson switched Dizzy's and Eldridge's mouthpieces, unknown to both players upon returning for the second half of the performance because both were made by Al Cass.

When Eldridge picked up his horn and started to blast, he could not make a sound and fluttered in disbelief at what he was hearing from his trumpet, upon which Dizzy Gillespie and Oscar Peterson began to laugh! However as Dizzy picked up his horn and began to play experienced the same as Eldridge!
(the shoe was on the other foot!!!) Only after Oscar Peterson called them both to his piano did Oscar switch the mouthpieces back into their respective horns did the performance continue!!!!


Stamped J. Marcinkiewicz, Glendale, CA, 91201, USA, together with
an unused silver plated

Jet-Tone custom model CS (Charlie Shavers)
trumpet mouthpiece in its original box, 2 pieces

Stamped Benge 70, together with an unused Jet-tone silver plated
studio model D mouthpiece in its original box, 2 pieces

A GIARDINELLI NEW YORK BRASS TRUMPET MOUTHPIECE Together with a silver plated Jet Tone Al Hirt model B mouthpiece in its original box, 2 pieces