This is a vintage Giardinelli trumpet mouthpiece given to Al Cass from Louis Armstrong when my father made Mr. Armstrong a custom mouthpiece! One of the most prized mouthpieces in my late father's legendary mouthpiece collection. Exhibits considerable use, tested but never used by my father.

My father mentions this piece in his notebooks, it is 1 of only 2 Giardinelli's in his collection, the other a Maynard Ferguson, inscribed MF, which sold in Guernzey's 1st Jazz Auction in NYC 2005. (( notes on mouthpiece shown, left/center and painted over in purple to hide specs.))

Louis Armstrong played this piece. He gave it to my father Al Cass when he asked my father to make him a piece, this was a piece he liked and therefore it was to give my father an idea of what he liked. There are 2 Louis Armstrong/Al Cass mouthpieces in the Armstrong archives. The only markings on this piece are "Giardinelli NEW YORK" No indication of size. 


For comparison, thought I'd post these 3 together. Left is the Dizzy Gillespie Al Cass 2-24A(which was re-plated by Gillespie at some point), middle Harry James Parduba 5 double cup and right Louis Armstrong Giardinelli(no size indicated)

Armstrong/James/Gillespie. What I see, or realize, in this pic is that ALL 3 pieces have a "double" cup of sorts. The Giardinelli and Cass' first cup is the "bite", then goes into the "second cup" more discreetly. Where the Parduba seems to have no bite and is much more distinct between 1st and 2nd cup.
Does this make sense to anyone else? So in essence, all pieces that have that first bite/curve, have 2 cups. I never looked at it like this before. Really, the James/Parduba second cup isn't all that extreme, as the Cass & Giardinelli have larger "2nd cups", just not with that sudden drop off!? The Parduba does seem by the pics to have a little bit of a bite but it doesn't. Or if it does, is very slight, but even so....