Steve cassinelli history




It's the one with me in front of the garage with my pals. the largest order ever shipped from the USA to Japan via the US POST OFFICE. 100 gross. 14,440 bottles. I had a beard but I was 16. Here it is. I am to the right. From Left to right. Michael Dean, & John Hearns two of my friends from school. Out of 14? Other school mates that worked at Al Cass, this team, Mike, John and myself, we were the heavy duty production team. THIS IS the best team of Al Cass bottlers. PERIOD. Capable of 3000 bottles, washed, filled, plugged, capped and boxed, after school from 3 to 7 or 8 pm, 5 hours!!! EVERY DAY. Also, the most consistent team. Years were 1983-1986. This was the team that made Al Cass #1 in production. We did 800,000 in one year! This team was never affraid to get overtime. Sometimes we were working until 2am to get the bottles out. Definitely the most dedicated in Al Cass history for production.

The fastest as well. I was of course the fastest bottle filler.


" your father was a Dictator..."


SURE! In fact, he was no dictator! He wasn't there! Keep in mind, about 1980, I was 12 and I took over the oil! He stayed home with his other child, JOSEPH, then Alfred came in 1982 and he was at home with them. He would go down to the garage earlier in the day if he went to work. In 1975 to 1980 yes, he would teach me how to operate the bottle filler, how to adjust it because it kept going off, and there were these allen wrenches on top of each nozel of the 6 bottle at a time bottle filler that MIT said was Impossible! To get 1 spout to equally dispurt between 6 nozels! Because the ones on the end, they said, would not fill equally to the ones in the center, but they did with his invention. But when he was there, he was KING of course. But he would take us to a 2 hour lunch! Buy us endless food to eat while we worked! We had TV, VCR, RADIO, surround sound , before surround sound! lol My mother used to call it "my clubhouse", I would sleep there, it was so cool. Cozy.

I had everything there. I had a keyboard, I could take a break and record a song. Dad liked the westerns and war movies. But during these years, he had full faith in us. He knew the orders would be ready to go. At one time, I was the only employee!!!!!!!! for a whole year!!!!!! I begged dad to let me hire some friends!!!!! Then it was fun. We had a great time working. NO STRESS. When dad died, mom gave nothing BUT STRESS! If we dropped a bottle, or cap, or anything, it was thrown away! Dad didn't want any dust in any part of the bottles! HE WAS SERIOUS! After dad died, mom expected us to pick up the caps, or bottles that we drop and use them!

really, my father knew it was the worst possible job. Your fingers are full of oil, all while you are hammering in a plug, and trying to tighten a cap. Your fingers would take a beating. He also knew that it was a very boring, monotonous job and he did everything he could to break it up. The movies, radio, those things made your mind, not go crazy and you could work better. Dad was KING, A good KING.