The 3 serie and the must see 3X6

I'm almost certain he made Maynard a piece around 1959,(if not then in 1960-62) but did supply Stan Kenton's group with pieces. Stan's mellophone section all used the trumpet rim doublers.

All i know is, because Maynard is my favorite player, I asked my father, when i was 12? or 14? "does Maynard Ferguson use your mouthpiece dad?" And basically, I will try and remember this word for word. "He would use it but he got paid a ton of money from someone else to use theirs" And my father never paid anyone to use his pieces. So, i am not sure when that happened, could have been 10-20 years prior, but I asked him that question around the early 1980s. He told me he made him one, and I know it is in the notebooks that he did around the time mentioned. (I would have to go to the safety deposit box to see the notebook) Maynard did have one of his pieces the extent of how much he used it? UNKNOWN with certainty.The time frame of when he played with Stan Kenton, and my father's close relationship with Stan sounds like it could have been that he used it when he played for kenton.

Someone should find out from Mr. Ferguson himself. It would be interesting to see what he thinks now about that whole scenario. But yes, his entire horn section,(Maynards) did use one. John Donnelly used a 3x1,3x4,3x5 and a 3x6 if I am not mistaken.

The Al Cass 3x series (3x1 through 3x5) is a smaller inner rim diameter mouthpiece line with varying cup depths. None of these cups is particularly deep. So 3x is the "screamer" line and a damn good one too. If you're playing a 3x4 to a 3x5 you've got a really shallow mouthpiece. 3x1 or 3x2 is still a little shallow but deeper than the other higher numbers.